A short freewrite I found in an old notebook

Once upon a time,

a fish wrapped herself around and touched her tail for the first time. This possibility, realized, caused a few things to happen. On a far off planet, a community found the spirit to play and kicked up pink dust as they pranced in a circle, celebrating the fish although they didn’t know it. Elsewhere, the fish’s mother felt a pang of sadness and touched tenderly the bruises on her back, became suddenly aware of the weight of the hair on her legs, and thought, “Sometimes love leaves a lasting impression.” Five sick and tired dogs tumbled out of a dirty box onto the floor.  Nobody else knew about this but the dogs and the box. They both knew about the fish.

The fish’s mother felt another stab and found herself staggering down familiar ashy stairs. The old dispensary was dimmer than usual but she could see by the light of her perfect machine, which hung on the wall brutally confident and vibrating its promise. A drop of coruscating liquid and the pain was gone. She saw the dogs now and thought slowly, “It’s a shame they can’t move as well as they used to.”


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